Mixed Media 

These fish-print paintings are in watercolor and acrylic on Mulberry paper.   In December 2003 I attended a local Art Guild meeting. A lady brought a real fish and various types of paper and acrylic paint. I watched as everyone in the room took a turn making a print of the fish. Most of them didn't get a very good print because some of the paint had dried, so when it was my turn, I applied the paint quickly and I made sure all the fins were printed before I took the paper off of the fish.  I had no idea what I was going to do with the fish print, until 8 months later. I woke up from a dream that showed me what to do step-by-step!  I had never done decoupage before, so I asked for help at our local arts and crafts place.  I came home and completed my first painting (pictured below in the lower left. I used my Chinese Calligraphy stamps to name it "Peace & Tranquility." I entered it in our local Fair and won 2 awards. It took 1st Place, and it also won a Michael Curry Award. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Curry_(puppet_designer

​Gyotaku (Japanese 魚拓, from gyo "fish" + taku "rubbing") is the traditional method of Japanese fish printing, dating from the mid-1800s. This form of nature printing may have been used by fishermen to record their catches, but has also become an art form on its own. 

I now use "Rubber Replicas" of fish for my Work Shops. I supply all the materials needed except for the "Gallery Wrap Canvas. If you are interested in creating your own Fish Print on canvas, please contact Debbie by phone: 503-397-2424 to schedule a day that works for both of us.



Adult and Children's Summer Workshops: May through August 2016


Sign up for a leaf or fish print Workshop of your choice, and take home a finished painting on gallery wrap or regular canvas. No need to frame gallery wrapped canvases unless you want too. Regular canvas with staples on the side will be used if you plan to frame your painting. Workshops can be up to 4 hours for the larger canvases. I'll supply the fish replicas, decoupage glue, paints, brushes, watercolor blocks, mulberry papaer, rice paper, leaves from my yard, etc.


Here's what I have on hand:

8" x 24" Gallery Wrap Workshop: $60
16" x 20" Gallery Wrap Workshop: $63
18" x 24" Gallery Wrap Workshop: $68
18" x 24" Watercolor Block Workshop: $50
6" x 18" Watercolor Block Workshop: $40
8" x 16" Watercolor Block Workshop: $40
12" x 16" Watercolor Block Workshop: $40
14" x 20" Watercolor Block Workshop: $40
8" x 8" Watercolor Block Workshop: $35
9" x 12" Watercolor Block Workshop: $35


Subtract $20 if you bring your own regular or gallery wrap canvas

Call to schedule a day that works for you. 503-397-2424
Time: 1pm. to about 4pm


We will use Replicas of:
Seahorses ~ Angelfish ~ Bass ~ Trout ~ Perch ~ Blue Gill


*Adult must assist children under 12 years of age
*Bring a snack and something to drink if you wish.

I have room for 2 students at a time, if you wish to have a friend join you.

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